Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Motorola Defy+ Review

After the success of its Defy, a rugged android smartphone capable of sustaining moderate abuse out and about. Motorola has launched its defy+ ( available at ) which comes with a better battery (which seems to last a long time for a smartphone) and a 1Gigahertz processor as supposed to the 800megahertz processor in the old model i.e. it can processes things faster.

Sim Free Motorola Defy Plus

The phone looks amazing with a screen that is 3.7 inches and about 265 pixels per square inch giving a very crisp picture. The body size of the Defy+ is 107 x 59 x 13.4 mm which is something I really like about it as it’s smaller than the Samsung Galaxy there for you don’t have a massive lump sticking out your pocket, it’s the size I think a phone should be.

The body is solidly constructed with, starting at the top and moving in a clockwise direction, the headset port with has a rubber bung to keep it water resistant. To the right of that is the screen light/switch off button then on the right side of the phone is the volume control button at the bottom of the phone is the loud speeker and on the left side is the USB port which doubles as the charging slot.
On the front of the phone there are four buttons at the bottom from left to right, settings, home, back and search. On the top of the front of the phone is a sensor so the phone knows when it’s in you pocket so it can go to sleep and a notification LED which if like me you always miss receiving text is very useful as it flashes, even in standby, until the text is read so you know you have a text.
At the top of the home screens (you can have up to seven) are four switches which alow you to turn the wi-fi, flight mode (useful to get the phone to search for signal if there’s none),  Bluetooth and GPS.      

On the back is a flash, 5mp camera which give very clear photos for a phone and a noise cancelling microphone so it should be easier for the people on the other end to hear you if you’re in a noisy place, plus I found the call quality to be very clear.

The phone has an internal slot for a SD card so storage can be made up to 64GB. The only negative I have found about this phone is it doesn’t have a camera on the front therefore you can’t make video calls however I never make them anyway there for it doesn’t affect me.
One of the slightly more unique selling points of this phone is its supposedly water proof, it’s defiantly water resistant.  

I’ve heard its water proof for up to 1m for 10minuts, or its water proof to half a meter for 30minuts, however the note that comes with it says

"WATER RESISTANCE WARNINING All protective covers including the Headset jack, USB and battery covers must be securely closed to ensure water resistance. Damage caused by failing to properly secure the phone’s water resistant covers is not covered by the warranty. THIS PHONE IS NOT WATERPROOF"

Personally I think this may me Motorola trying to cover themselves, as on YouTube there are several videos of people submerging the phone and I’ve yet to see one break. I’ve submerged mine and it was fine however I couldn’t get the touch screen to work under water, I think it may have something to do with the pressure. If you want to film reefs with it this isn’t the phone for you. However if you want a phone that will survive a day at the beach or survive a heavy rain shower or being stick a wet carry bag for some time or if you want to be able to film in a swimming pool and film under water for a minute on holiday this is the phone for you.

All in all like this phone and highly recommend it and it’s available at    


  1. I’ve never been the most teck savvy person but I could understand this blog. Thank you I was struggling with other reviews.

  2. Just ordered mine, I love the beach :)

  3. I own this phone and I think it's the best smart phone Iv'e ever owned.