Saturday, 29 September 2012

iPod Touch 4th Generation Review

The iPod Touch 4th generation, the ultimate in pocket entertainment device developed by Apple and available from for £217.99 with the discount code "UKPIXSEPT5". This may seem like a lot but considering a friend of mine paid £210.00 for the same iPod on eBay from a London seller a week after the London riots. It’s a good price but I’ll get back to that later.
I don’t know where to start from there’s that much to talk about so I’ll start with the looks first. It comes in black and white and has a massive screen measuring 3.5 inches (diagonal) with 326 pixels per inch giving a very crisp image. Under the screen there is only one button which acts to light up the screen and as a back button.

On the edges at the top right there is another light up button which also acts as a power of button, on the right hand side there’s nothing at the bottom there’s the headphone jack, the USB/charger port, to the left of that is the loud speaker which for its size is surprisingly loud. Then on the left hand side there are the volume buttons which are in the perfect place for the thumb to control them when holding the iPod.

On the back, is the ambient light sensor, the 0.7mp camera with good optics (optics are more important than megapixels in cameras). All housed in a stunning polished metal backing with the Apple logo and storage capacity of the model i.e. 8 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB engraved on it. It honestly is a work of art.

It’s internal hardware includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of giving 40 of music play back, in my time reviewing this I would rate it very highly for battery life, an accelerometer to detect how fast the iPod it is moving and a gyroscope which makes it a lot better for playing games where the iPod is rotated.

The iPod app store is full of all sorts of apps for every situation that are very easy to download.

Along with music there is also an iBook store where you can download books strait to the iPod and a movie store where movies can be bought or rented.

I’ve got very virtually no criticisms with the iPod touch, I’ve got no complaints with speed as it has never ran slow with me in the time I was reviewing it. The battery life is excellent and like most Apple devices it is very simple to use. On top of all that is the 32GB of storage space which is immense, it’s about 8 days worth of music. The one I’m reviewing has 289 songs all with album covers, 20 apps, 1 book and 2 episodes of “House” and still has 22GB available.   

The only staling point is the price which is most defiantly justified by the amount in it and to back this up I’m going to leave you with one last picture.

This is what really justified the price for me. What you’re looking at is a scanning electron micrograph of part or the gyroscope. The image is about 0.2mm across. The gyroscope is a very small precise piece of kit that is very intricately designed i.e. you are paying for up to the minute technology.

So I if you want a portable music player of an alternative games console I defiantly recommend buying the iPod touch from and remember to use the discount code "UKPIXSEPT5".

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